Cultural Issues in Coalition Planning


Winston R. Sieck, Jitu Patel


This paper outlines the cultural issues that manifest in the planning and decision-making phases of coalition operations. It then summarizes the current status of emerging tools for identifying cultural differences, with respect to supporting coalition planning activities. The emphasis is on cultural variations in cognition, language, distributed social interaction, as well as their interrelationships. In particular, the paper describes Cultural Network Analysis for extracting and representing culturally shared, complex mental representations that drive decisions; tools for the assessment of commanderís intent across coalition boundaries; and methods for investigating social interactions and language in multicultural distributed collaboration settings.

Publication Date

May, 2007


Knowledge Systems for Coalition Operations 2007

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Paper Signficance

This is a highlighted paper of military significance

Publication Type

Externally published

ITA Area

Project 11, Technical area 4

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sieckpatel-cultural issues-KSCO07_0.pdf

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