A Dynamic Distributed Federated Database


Graham Bent, Patrick Dantressangle, David Vyvyan, Abbe Mowshowitz, Valia Mitsou


This paper has been submitted to ACITA 2008. The paper describes a new type of database architecture which we define as a dynamic distributed federated database (DDFD). Using biologically inspired principles of network growth combined with graph theoretic methods we describe how a DDFD can be developed and maintained. The DDFD uses a ‘Store Locally Query Anywhere’ mechanism (SLQA), which provides for global access to data from any vertex in the database network. To reflect this capability we have coined the name GaianDB for this type of database architecture. The main aim of the paper is to describe the principles of the DDFD approach and to describe a light weight implementation of a DDFD (<4Mb) based on the Derby database engine. We describe how this has been used to demonstrate a sensor network as a DDFD and how a DDFD can be used to perform distributed semantic search over a network of search engines.

Publication Date

September, 2008


ACITA 2008

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Publication Type

ITA Conference paper

ITA Area

Project 9, Technical area 3

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A Dynamic Distributibuted Federated Database.pdf

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