Reputation Attacks in Mediated and Automated Systems


J. R. Rabaiotti, H. Chivers, J. A. Clark, P. C. Cheng, N. Ivanic, S. Balfe


Trust is a measure of the behaviour that is expected of another party in a transaction; there are many approaches to estimating trust, many of which are based on combining direct and indirect experience of transactions into a recommendation. This paper reviews the types of attack that are found in existing reputation-based systems, and their relevance to both human teams and to future military networks. Many of the attacks are forms of misuse or misrepresentation. For a reputationbased system to take account of such attacks it must include assessments of service quality based on the wider context of a transaction or the outcomes of a large number of transactions; these requirements are difficult to meet in fully automated networks, so reputation systems may be unsuitable as the primary source of trust in dynamic military networks. The results also highlight the difference between unmediated and mediated human interactions.

Publication Date

September, 2008


ACITA 2008

Published To


Publication Type

ITA Conference paper

ITA Area

Project 6, Technical area 2

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