Emergent capabilities for collaborative teams in the evolving web environment


Dave Braines, Gareth Jones, James Thomas, Paul Smart, Jie Bao


This paper reports on our investigation of the latest advances for the Social Web, Web 2.0, Linked Data Web and the emerging area of Web Science. We discuss these advances mainly in terms of the latest capabilities and functions that are available (or being made available) on the web at the time of writing this paper, or as outlined in related research, and we refer to this as the “state-of-the-web”. We propose that the capabilities we discuss can be of significant benefit to teams comprised of multinational team members who are geographically dispersed, especially those comprised of coalition members in a military context such as disaster relief or humanitarian aid, working closely with non-government organisations and non-military teams to achieve their aims as quickly and efficiently as possible. This diversity of background and motivation amongst the team members, coupled with a lack of dedicated private network infrastructure provides an interesting case for the potential use of existing open webbased capabilities to help support such teams both in terms of their collaborative activities and their access to and sharing of information sources.

Publication Date

January, 2010


ITA Technical Report

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Publication Type

ITA Technical paper

ITA Area

Project 12, Technical area 4

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