Demonstration of Integration of semantic web technologies


David Mott adn Dave Braines, IBM UK


A demonstrator of the integration of semantic web information has been developed for ACITA 2010. This shows how planning information derived using the IBM visualiser tool may be made available as a source of RDF information (with minimal additional effort) to be integrated with other semantic web information as part of a prototype “mashup” application for non-military government based organisations. The application shows how local schools may be affected by a future military operation, and displays a map overlaid with local schools obtained from the UK government data initiative and overlaid with planning data sourced by the visualiser showing times and locations of military tasks. The demonstrator also shows the techniques for rationale, argumentation, and the integration of different subsystems based on the passing of CPM data and rationale. It was based on a realistic military scenario provided by the Land Warfare School. The demonstrator exemplifies the ACITA paper on hybrid rationale (Mott, D., Giammanco, C., Braines D. & Dorneich, M., Hybrid rationale for shared understanding, ACITA 2010, July 2010, The attached resources include the poster for the demonstration and a slide set used to present the demonstration.

Publication Date

April, 2011


Technical report

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ITA Technical paper

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Project 12, Technical area 4

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